Abies Nordmann


This Nordman Christmas tree is, unlike traditional Christmas trees, more needle resistant. The Nordman spruce is a slow-growing spruce and has a nice wide shape. The needles are beautifully shiny, nice and soft, fragrant and beautiful green in color. The Nordman trees have an easyfix preparation. This makes it possible to set up the tree within 30 seconds!

Available from November 26

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Are you only satisfied with the best Christmas tree? Then the Nordmann Christmas tree is ideal for you! Our Nordmann Christmas trees are selected by ourselves. This means that we only sell top quality. Our Nordmann Christmas tree has a beautiful bright green color, nice thick needles. Completely symmetrical in shape. A nice straight trunk and a beautiful top!

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Gewicht 20 kg
Afmetingen 180 × 40 × 40 cm